“Akath Kahani Prem Ki Kuch Kahi Na Jaye”

This is a song inspired from a famous kabir doha. Although its only one line is that i’ve taken from its entire verse, rest all is what i’ve come up with myself.

Its a little soothing, a little relaxing with a pinch of romance in it.

Please do comment if you enjoy it! 😊

Do Dilo Ki Baatein Dil Hi Me Na Reh Jaye

Labb To Naa Khole Par Akhiyaan Baatiyayen

Ik Dooje Ko Dekh Kar Dono Hi Sharmayein

Akath Kahani Prem Ki Kuch Kahi Na Jaye
Sab Jagah Dhundha Mene Dil Kahi Na Mila

Prem Karne Ka Mila Mujhe Ye Kaisa Sila

Dhundha Maine Yahan Vahan Vahan

Ghuma Fira Jaane Kahan Kahan

Kya Karu Ab Me Koi To Batlayeee

Akath Kahani Prem Ki Kuch Kahi Naa Jaye

Do Dilo Ki Baatein Dil Hi Me Na Reh Jaye

Akath Kahani Prem Ki Kuch Kahi Naa Jaye


We all have once or more than once come across something in our lives that had led us to ponder vastly to an unknown extent. Something that made us zone out to our mind palace, away from the actual world, where only two things exist, you and your matter of concern at the moment. ‘Thinking’ is such an underrated word. Since the moment you are born, you do nothing but think and yet people say before taking decisions, “don’t think, just do it”. Ironic, isn’t it?

Human brain is a sloppy wanderer. For a moment you think about ice, the next moment you reach icebergs, then to Antarctica, and who knows the next you are thinking about seagulls and penguins. Kids of age 2-8 years eat up their parents’ brain by asking questions. 

Why is sky blue?                                 
Does god exist? 

For some we have answers, and others we don’t. Therefore, sometimes they are answered, sometimes stalled, or sometimes shushed. The curious human mind still finds another ponderous thought or seeks the answers for the previous ones. Nothing can limit the imagination of the thunderous and velocious human brain.

Thinking is as crucial as food for human. The food is required to build and strengthen the body. Thinking does the same for the mental health. The vivid thoughts we have, work as food for our soul. As a result the problem solving skills and abilities are improved. Our response to the situation that requires quick results also gets evolved. And who knows, it might help us to stay away from trouble or get out of one too!
So, it is suggested to give yourself a little something every now and then that triggers your imagination and makes you a better person intellectually.